EAK+ and more at Mosae Zappa #7

That’s right, you heard right, the Secret Word for today is … EAK!

EAK, or actally EAK+ is our latest addition to the Mosae Zappa #7 line-up. EAK+ Wil play at our main event at Oefenbunker Landgraaf on 26 november besides The Others Of Invention, Sugar Plum Fairy and The Disco Boyz Freakout. On 27 november Power to the Pipo will be closing this years edition with a thrilling matinee live show.

Also we’re happy to announce that the amazing Dog Breath Duo will play at the Mosae Zappa pre-party with The Disco Boyz at Cafe Bluff on 25 November. Check our flyer for our line up so far! And… more to be announced soon!!!

Our special priced early bird tickets are available for one week from now. You can buy them here or at Gong (UK) | Nieuwe Nor [powered by Mosae Zappa] on 7 september in poppodium NIEUWE NOR.


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