Support Mosae Zappa and be a V.I.P.

Support Mosae Zappa and buy a special VIP ticket. Mosae Zappa is a non-profit festival. The only way we can assure the continuation of our annual series of events, is with a little help from our friends. Become a VIP and get free and exclusive gifts and merchandise and lots of profits and free stuff.... Continue Reading →

EAK+ and more at Mosae Zappa #7

That's right, you heard right, the Secret Word for today is … EAK! EAK, or actally EAK+ is our latest addition to the Mosae Zappa #7 line-up. EAK+ Wil play at our main event at Oefenbunker Landgraaf on 26 november besides The Others Of Invention, Sugar Plum Fairy and The Disco Boyz Freakout. On 27... Continue Reading →

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