The Dangerous Kitchen, Zappa Talks and VLAMP @ Mosae Zappa #6

ZappaTalks, The Dangerous Kitchen and VLAMP will be playing at Mosae Zappa 2019! So join The Disco Boyz and their Mystery Guest (WTF?) for the finest Frank Zappa party of the year at Oefenbunker Landgraaf (NL). Tickets

This year’s Mosae Zappa festival is the highlight of an amazing Frank Zappa weekend with a variety of Zappa-related events, including free Frank Zappa side events at various locations in Heerlen (NL) as wel as a Dweezil Zappa show at the Parkstad Limburg Theater in the same city. Mosae Zappa offers you a discount and a special gift if you buy a presale combi-ticket for both events. Tickets

The Dangerous Kitchen (DE)
Nine musicians from the German ‘Ruhrgebiet area’ made their wishes come true in 2011. That’s when they started The Dangerous Kitchen. An impressive tribute to the wonderful and diverse music of Frank Zappa. Expect a high quality live experience in which the rocky, soulfull, jazzy and satirical songs we all know will be performed like they should. Including horns, marimba, vibraphone and vocal harmonies. Facebook

Zappa Talks
Keyboard player Wan Kemper and drummer Marco Onstenk are well known as part of The Foolz, one of the longest existing dutch Frank Zappa tribute bands. As Zappa Talks, the duo serves an experimental and highly musically tribute to Frank Zappa, based on the huge amount of memorable quotes of their and our hero. Facebook

Their biography is short but striking: “A triple combo of fun, funk and favourite tv tunes.” VLAMP is a brand new trio of experienced musicians from the deep south of the Netherlands. The Mosae Zappa gig is one of their first (after an impressive performance at the Jeker Jazz festival in Maastricht). And… there’s a persistent rumour about a very special guest… Anyway, be prepared for a big suprise. Facebook

More to follow…

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